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Accept Your Karma

Facing a difficult challenge? Life not going the way you want? It is easy to blame someone or something for our misery. Taking responsibility for all that happens in our life is difficult. But if we follow Gurudeva’s wisdom of accepting our karma as our own, we can unleash the power within ourselves to overcome the challenges.

It is all a matter of perspective – is our difficult karma a poison or a healing medicine?

It is a poison as long as we harbor resentment towards the person who is returning the karma to us. Resentment will breed unhappiness.

It is a healing medicine if we hold the mental attitude that each difficult karma is an opportunity for us to learn and mature spiritually. We will not react negatively or instinctively to challenging situations. We will learn to open up to the grace of God and the Mahadevas. Then the strength to face the karmas and the solutions to our problems will well up from deep within us.

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